Beers on Draft


New Belgium Brewing VooDoo Ranger IPA

Fort Collins, Colorado

Pint $5.50

Happy Hour $4.50

Bell's Brewery Kalamazoo Stout  

Galesburg, Michigan

Pint $5.50

Happy Hour $4.50


Texas Beers

Austin Beer Works “Pearl Snap German Pilsner” $3.60
Shiner Bock $3.50
Independence Brewery, Austin “Bootlegger” Brown Ale $4.50
Lone Star $3
Pedernales Brewing, Lobo Hefe $4.50
Blur, Texas Hefe $4.50

Domestic Beers

Ace, Pear Cider, CA $4.50
Alaskan Brew Co., White Ale, Alaska $4.50
Blue Moon, CO $3.50
Bud Light $3

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale Gluten Free


Mexican Beers

Dos XX $3.50
Pacifico $3.50
Tecate Cans $3.20

European Beers

Belhaven Black Stout, Scotland $6
Boddington’s Pub Ale $5
Stella Artois $4.50

We have an inclusive menu. All of our staff is on salary
Tipping is not required in our establishment, but always appreciated.